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JIMMY NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS is a funny, silly, and colorfully animated children's film featuring Jimmy Neutron, the amazing wunderkind whose penchant for invention leads him to amazing adventures. Jimmy has created all kinds of gadgets to make his life easier, including a robotic dog, Goddard, who follows him everywhere. Jimmy's dimwitted father is awed by the boy's abilities, but his no-nonsense mom just wants Jimmy to stay out of trouble. Jimmy and his friend, Carl, use a homemade spaceship to launch a satellite. The spaceship crashes, and things go downhill from there. Jimmy's satellite inadvertently beams a video of him with his parents to the planet Yolkus, and the egg-shaped aliens there decide that Jimmy's parents look good enough to eat. Soon, every parent in Retroland has been abducted, and Jimmy has to build a whole fleet of spaceships for his friends so they can rescue their folks. The film's animation is slick and the pace is lively. Especially funny are Patrick Stewart playing the Yolkian King Goobot, and Martin Short playing his right-hand egg, Ooblar. The soundtrack includes songs by Aaron Carter and Britney Spears. Kids, as well as parents, will really enjoy JIMMY NEUTRON's fun-filled, far-out ride.

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