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El Mariachi DVD Cover Art

El Mariachi DVD

This was 24-year-old Robert Rodriguez's first film. He had hoped to use it to get Hollywood studios interested in hiring him; instead they picked up the film itself, and it became quite successful. It was done on a budget of only $7000, and shot in 14 days. A sequel, "El Mariachi: Corrido Dos" ("El Mariachi: The Second Song") is on the way. Rated BBFC 15 by the British Board of Film Classification. The laserdisc edition of "El Mariachi" includes both the dubbed English soundtrack and the original Spanish soundtrack, as well as an alternate track with commentary by director Robert Rodriguez, and Rodriguez's short film, "Bedhead." The Columbia TriStar Home Video VHS version (CTSHV# 53613) also includes the short "Bedhead".

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