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Criss Cross DVD

This classic film noir is considered by many genre aficionados to be one of luminary Robert Siodmak's quintessential works. Burt Lancaster stars as a Steve Thompson, an honest, hardworking armored-truck driver who harbors a fatal love. Despite numerous warnings, He believes he can rescue his double-crossing ex-wife Anna (Yvonne DeCarlo) from the seedy underworld in which she's found herself. When Steve and Anna's tryst is discovered by her current husband (Dan Duryea), they convince the hoodlum that she met with Steve only to get his help in robbing an upcoming payroll shipment. Now the honest Steve must plan a real robbery or die. Featuring the film debut of Tony Curtis, CRISS CROSS is a taut, unforgettable crime-thriller based on a Don Tracy novel that would again be adapted to the screen as Steven Soderbergh's UNDERNEATH (1995).

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