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Beyond the Mat DVD

Theatrical Release: October 22, 1999 (NY/LA Oscar Engagement). March 3, 2000 (NY/LA/Memphis/Charlotte, NC) March 17, 2000 (Wider) The film was shot on location in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Amarillo, Nashua, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Stamford, Hayward, and Orlando. Blaustein, along with his partner, David Sheffield, has written for Eddie Murphy, beginning on Saturday Night Live, and continuing with the feature films COMING TO AMERICA, BOOMERANG, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, and THE NUTTY PROFESSOR II: THE KLUMPS. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, plays the Scorpion King in THE MUMMY RETURNS. A clip of HANNAH AND HER SISTERS is shown in the film. Woody Allen and producer JEAN DOUMANIAN are thanked in the credits. Vince McMahon would not allow ads for the film to be shown during his WWF wrestling programs. Producer Ron Howard (APOLLO 13) accused McMahon of trying to hamper the film because, Howard said, McMahon had asked to invest in the film and had been rebuked. Jerome "New Jack" Young faced criminal charges for stabbing an opponent in the head with a fork during an ECW match. More recently, due to a serious injury, the wrestler had to have his ankle reconstructed, and an artificial heel put in. Many wrestlers try several different "gimmicks," sometimes in several different wrestling organizations, before finding one that captures the imagination of fans. Mick Foley is one of few professional wrestlers that has wrestled under several different pseudonyms during the same time period, switching back and forth freely between his popular characters, the deranged "Mankind," the prickly "Cactus Jack," and a hippie-like character, "Dude Love."

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