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Beethoven's 2nd DVD Cover Art

Beethoven's 2nd DVD

The MCA/Universal video #82097 is the "Puppy Pack". It includes a St. Bernard puppy plush toy in addition to the video. 100 puppies were used in the making of the film because the pups were growing so fast the filmmakers couldn't use the same dogs they started filming with. The dog trainers used baby food to get Missy (Beethoven's girlfriend) to kiss him. Turkey hot dogs were used to induced the hounds to emote in various scenes. Though "Beethoven" was directed by Ivan Rietman, "Beethoven's 2nd" was directed by Rod Daniel, who also directed "K9" (another dog film) with James Belushi. "Beethoven's 2nd" animal trainers were Glen D. Garner and April Morley. The puppy trainers were Karin McElhatton and Paul A. Alabria. Rated BBFC U by the British Board of Film Classification. TM & copyright 1993 Universal City Studios, Inc. Available to buy in the UK.

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