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Windy City Heat DVD Cover Art

Windy City Heat DVD

Comic provocateurs Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla (THE MAN SHOW) and their comedian friends Bob Goldthwait, Dane Cook, and Carson Daly pool their collective talents to play the mother of all practical jokes in Comedy Central's made-for-TV mockumentary WINDY CITY HEAT. A longer, more elaborate version of PUNK'D, the inventive prank is instigated by comics Don Barris and Tony Barbieri on their unsuspecting friend Perry Caravello, a struggling, egotistical, and minimally talented actor who is fooled into thinking he's won the lead role in a Hollywood blockbuster. As Caravello is put through a roster of increasingly absurd humiliations, the film becomes a sly commentary on stardom and celebrity worship in which the joke just might be on the viewer.

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