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How I Married My High School Crush DVD Cover Art

How I Married My High School Crush DVD

A mock marriage between a high school nobody and her popular classmate becomes the real deal thanks to a magical solar eclipse in this romantic comedy starring BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's Katee Sackhoff). Sara (Sackhoff) has attended the same school as Brian (Sage Brocklebank) since they were both in kindergarten. Meanwhile, as Sara fantasizes about walking down the aisle with Brian, he never gives her a second glance. When their teacher announces that they will indeed exchange vows for a classroom project, Sara couldn't be more thrilled. Just as the Sara is about to say "I do", however, the sky goes dark, transporting the young bride and groom from their classroom in 1990 to the church where they will marry in 2007. But despite the fact that Sara is about to become Lieutenant Governor and Brian is a high-rolling investment banker, they both still feel like teenagers on the inside. Now, with the weight of adulthood crushing down on them, Sara and Brian must decide whether to try and truly build a new life together, or risk losing everything in order to make the most of their teenage years.

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