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The Karate Kid/ The Karate Kid Part 2 Blu-ray Cover Art

The Karate Kid/ The Karate Kid Part 2 Blu-ray

Two installments of the KARATE KID series, both directed by John Avildsen (ROCKY):

THE KARATE KID (PG) - When a New Jersey teenager relocates to sunny southern California, he finds trouble in the form of bullies and a friend in the form of the local handyman, who teaches him karate. Academy Award Nominations: Best Supporting Actor--Noriyuki "Pat" Morita.

THE KARATE KID PART 2 (PG) - The story continues of a young man's rites of passage, aided by the knowledge and guidance of his Japanese mentor who teaches him valuable lessons of life through karate and meditation. In this sequel, Daniel and Miyagi travel to Okinawa and encounter more emotionally charged adventures. Academy Award Nominations: Best Song ("Glory of Love").

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