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Universal Soldier DVD Cover Art

Universal Soldier DVD

Additional production company: Universal Soldier, Inc. Color by Technicolor. Filmed in Panavision; locations included: Ashfork, Cottonwood, Prescott, Grand Canyon and Kingman, Arizona; in Hoover Dam and Boulder City, Nevada; and in Los Angeles, California. Began shooting August 12, 1991; completed shooting October 30, 1991. Released in the USA July 10, 1992. Released on video December 9, 1992. Additional music credits: "Vietnamese Cue" composed and performed by Carol Kim; "Life's Too Confusin' Anyway," "The Worst Always Happens," "Breakin' Up, Breakin' Down," "Goin' Out on the Town Tonight," "It's Almost Time to Put the Bottle Down," "Waking Up and Walking Out the Door" by Wendy Kramer and Shannon Harry. Original soundtrack on Varese Sarabande. Additional technical credits: special makeup effects Michael Burnett and Larry R. Hamlin. The film carries the dedication "In memory of Clarence Holzter."

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