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Spongebob Squarepants - Absorbing Favorites DVD Cover Art

Spongebob Squarepants - Absorbing Favorites DVD

Nickelodeon's popular animated series SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS chronicles the wacky adventures of a goodhearted, enthusiastic sea sponge and his nautical pals Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Patrick the Starfish, and Sandy the Squirrel in the underwater town of Bikini Bottom. This collection continues the adventures of the absorbent, yellow, and porous one with nine fan-favorite episodes: "Ripped Pants," "Mermaidman and Barnacleboy," "Karate Choppers," "Gary Takes a Bath," "Jellyfish Hunter," "The Fry Cook Games," "Club Spongebob," "Plankton's Army," and the special double-length lost episode "The Sponge Who Could Fly."

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