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Splitting Heirs DVD Cover Art

Splitting Heirs DVD

"Monty Python" alumni Eric Idle and John Cleese team up in this British farce about a lowly bank employee who tries to claim the noble title that is his birthright -- and the fortune that goes with it. Tommy was switched at birth with an American baby when his mother, the spaced-out Duchess of Bournemouth accidentally abandoned him one wild night during the 1960s. When Tommy discovers the truth about his heritage, years later, he tries, at the urging of a shady lawyer, to murder the feckless fake heir to the Bournemouth estate. Matters are complicated by the fact that the would-be duke just happens to be Tommy's best friend, while the over-sexed Duchess of Bournemouth, who hasn't the foggiest idea that Tommy his really her son, can't keep her hands off him.

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