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Sleepless in Seattle DVD Cover Art

Sleepless in Seattle DVD

Academy Award-nominated writer Nora Ephron ("When Harry Met Sally," "Silkwood") has scripted several screenplays. She first became involved with "Sleepless In Seattle" as one of the writers. But as soon as producer Gary Foster saw her directorial debut film "This Is My Life," he asked Ephron to consider directing "Sleepless" as well. The film was shot in 12 weeks. About nine of those weeks were spent filming in Seattle. Additional filming locations include Chicago, Baltimore, and New York. One of the production designer's tasks was to reconstruct the Empire State Building's observation deck in a hanger at the Sands Point Naval Base. A huge photograph of the Big Apple's skyline was placed around the stage. The crew accomodated the filming equipment by building the deck-stage larger than the actual observation deck. Actress Meg Ryan, made her feature film debut as Candice Bergen's daughter in "Rich and Famous." In 1986 she played in the film "Top Gun." Her additional film roles included: "Promise Land," "DOA," "Innerspace," "The Presidio" and "The Doors." Consummate comedian Tom Hanks, who got his start in the television sitcom "Bousom Buddies," went on to star in "Splash," Volunteers," "The Money Pit" and "Nothing In Common." In 1988, he received acclaim for his work in "Punchline" and "Big." Hanks was recently featured in the motion picture "A League of Their Own," about an all-women's baseball team. "Sleepless In Seattle" is the first picture Ryan and Hanks have made together since they appeared in "Joe Versus the Volcano," (1990). Producer-director-actor Rob Reiner appears as Jay, a contractor who works with Hanks' Sam Baldwin. Reiner left his role as Michael Stivic of "All in the Family" and became one of Hollywood's most successful directors. "Misery" and "A Few Good Men," are just a couple of the films he's directed. Child actor Ross Malinger's, screen credits include "Good Advice," "Eve of Destruction," "Kindergarden Cop," and "Late For Dinner." Nicholas Meyers was the music editor and music supervisor, Jeffrey Popllack was the music consultant, and Walter Bernard and Milton Glaser did the titles design. A clip from the film "An Affair to Remember" (1957) directed by Leo McCarey, is used in the film. Other songs used in the film: "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" "The Wee Small Hours of the Morning" "Make Someone Happy" "When I Fall in Love." Rated BBFC PG by the British Board of Film Classification. Copyright 1993 TriStar Pictures, Inc. Available to buy in the UK.

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