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The 1994 Mardi Gras Miracle Game DVD Cover Art

The 1994 Mardi Gras Miracle Game DVD

No wonder they call this game a miracle. The 1994 Mardi Gras Miracle Game may have been the most impressive turnaround from the first half to the second in college basketball history. Who knows what inspired the Kentucky Wildcats to go from playing as badly as they could possibly play to taking the game 99-95? Did something foreign end up in the water cooler? The LSU Tigers may have just assumed they had it in the bag, with a 31-point lead in the first half. Maybe they got a little lax and were completely taken off guard when Kentucky Coach Rick Pitino sent in the likes of Gimel Martinez, Jeff Brassow, and Walter McCarty. This mind-blowing game, shown in its entirety and covered by NBC Sports, knocks a few socks off every time. It demonstrates the power of conviction, athletic prowess, and the all-important element of surprise.

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