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More American Graffiti DVD Cover Art

More American Graffiti DVD

"More American Graffiti" was the sequel to the hugely successful 1973 film, "American Graffiti," writer-director George Lucas's nostalgic look at the '50's. Most of the original cast members reprised their roles for the second film, with the exception of Richard Dreyfuss, who was replaced by Will Seltzer. Filmed in Technicolor. Sound by Dolby. "More American Graffiti" splits the characters into four groups and depicts their lives on New Year's Eve in four different years. These four separate segments were filmed in four different styles: for 1964 it was a traditional Hollywood style in wide-screen and Technicolor; for the 1965 Vietnam segments it was a grittier, 16mm documentary style; for the 1966 San Francisco it was split-screen and psychedelia; and for 1967 it was glossy and slick, like a television commercial. Scenes taking place in Vietnam were shot in Central California. Copyright 1979 Universal City Studios.

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