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Mississippi Burning DVD Cover Art

Mississippi Burning DVD

Theatrical Release: December 9, 1988 Gene Hackman won Best Actor at the 1988 Berlin Film Festival. The 1988 National Board of Review awarded the film Best Picture, Best Director (Alan Parker), Best Actor (Hackman), and Best Supporting Actress (Frances McDormand). A 1990 TV-movie was based on the events leading to the 1964 murder of civil-rights activists Mickey Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney, which was the basis for "Mississippi Burning." "Murder in Mississippi" starred Tom Hulce, Blair Underwood, Josh Charles, Jennifer Grey, C.C.H. Pounder, Andre Braugher, and John Dennis Johnson and was directed by Roger Young and produced by David Wolper. It ran 200 minutes and was shown in two parts (a 96-minute version also exists). A quickie exploitation pic loosely based on the murders was released in late 1965. It was also entitled "Murder in Mississippi." Producers Robert Colesberry and Frederick Zollo appear in the film as a cameraman and reporter. Estimated budget $15 million. Shot in Jackson, Mississippi, and Lafayette, Alabama. Filming began March 7, 1988. Shot in Panavision. Color by DuArt; prints by DeLuxe. Screened in competition at the 1989 Berlin Film Festival, the 1989 Antwerp International Film Festival, the 1989 Moscow International Film Festival (market), and the 1989 Panorama of World Cinema in Sofia, Bulgaria. Reviewed in the New York Times December 9, 1988, and Monthly Film Bulletin May 1989. Rated BBFC 18 by the British Board of Film Censors.

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