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The Master of Disguise DVD Cover Art

The Master of Disguise DVD

The hilarious Dana Carvey showcases his dazzling impersonation skills in MASTER OF DISGUISE, a comedy about an innocent man who discovers that he has a rare, though mildly annoying, gift. Carvey is Pistachio Disguisey, a waiter who is plagued by the bad habit of impersonating the people he serves. He is constantly taking on alternate identities but cannot figure out why he feels so compelled to imitate other people. That is, until he learns that it's a genetic trait in the Disguisey family, shared even by his grandfather. When his parents are kidnapped, Pistachio realizes that to return them to safety, he must become a true Master of Disguise. With the aid of his beautiful new assistant, Jennifer (Jennifer Esposito), Pistachio embarks on his mission, portraying a variety of outrageous characters in order to get closer to the evil Devlin Bowman (Brent Spiner) and free his parents (James Brolin and Edie McClurg) from their deadly fate. Carvey and co-screenwriter Harris Goldberg use their lighthearted premise to parody any and every subject that gets in their way, from ethnic culture to pop culture. The result is a breezy affair that never takes itself too seriously. THE MASTER OF DISGUISE also includes cameos by Bo Derek, Michael Johnson, Jesse Ventura, and Jessica Simpson.

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