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The Indian in the Cupboard DVD Cover Art

The Indian in the Cupboard DVD

Omri receives for his birthday a coveted skateboard, but also a strange little cabinet and an Indian figurine, which ultimately prove to be far more fascinating. When Omri opens the cabinet after locking the Indian in there all night, he discovers the plastic figure has been replaced by the living, but still toy-size, Iroquois Indian Little Bear, who has been transported there from 1761. Omri's adventures with Little Bear teach him about other cultures and friendship, but his experiments with the cupboard culminate in disaster, forcing Omri to realize that the tiny Indian is as much a person as he is and deserves to be returned to his own time and place, not kept in Omri's world as a plaything. A magical tale of imagination and adventure, THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD sensitively explores the deep bond between kids and their toys.

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