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Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story DVD Cover Art

Hysteria: The Def Leppard Story DVD

Named after the band's wildly popular 1993 album, VH1's biopic HYSTERIA chronicles the career and struggles of 1980s pop-metal legends Def Leppard. When the band formed in England in the late '70s, they were seen as part of Britain's new wave of heavy metal. But the band cited glam rock and early metal as heavier influences, and soon became a leader among the hair metal bands of the '80s. With their good looks and pop riffs, Leppard proved that metal could be attractive to a wider audience while maintaining its integrity. Unfortunately, Leppard's long career was full of tragedy, starting with an accident that cost drummer Rick Allen his arm. While this event set the stage for a long line of hardships for the band (guitarist Steve Clark would later die), it did not stop them. Rather than calling it quits or replacing Allen, the band encouraged him to learn to play the drums with one arm, going on to find even greater success.

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