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Greatest Journeys on Earth - England: The Journeys of Charles Dickens DVD

This edition of the GREATEST JOURNEYS series takes viewers on a unique voyage through some of England's most impressive locales. Venturing off the beaten path, this one-hour documentary provides an alternative to traditional sight-seeing programs by focusing on locations other than the popular sights one would expect from a tour of England. A quirky itinerary is used to give viewers a well-rounded sense of English culture, with great emphasis placed on food, leisure, and celebration. Through on-site visits, viewers are able to learn about geography, architecture, history, and the British way of life.

Using one of history's most important and influential authors as a jumping point, THE JOURNEYS OF CHARLES DICKENS explores a crucial period of English history. Dickens' famous characters are used as vehicles for examining the cultural, economic, and scientific impact of Queen Victoria's reign, which began in 1837; with Dickens functioning as a central figure, this documentary illustrates how a specific time in history paved the way for England as it exists today.


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