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Street Fighter Alpha/Street Fighter Alpha Generations DVD Cover Art

Street Fighter Alpha/Street Fighter Alpha Generations DVD

STREETFIGHTER ALPHA: The immensely popular STREET FIGHTER series, probably best known for its appearance on gaming consoles, has also become a first rate anime. Here, Ryu and Ken find themselves unhappily reunited as they meet up after the death of their master. Ryu's life is turned upside down even more when Shun, a boy claiming to be his long lost brother, presents himself. Doubtful, Ryu begins to believe the veracity of Shun's claim when he sees the boy fight in a martial arts competition. Unfortunately, the boy is soon kidnapped by the Shadowlaw organization forcing Ryu to undergo a painful journey just as his confidence is waning.

STREET FIGHTER ALPHA GENERATIONS: Ikuo Kuwana makes his directorial debut with this prequel to STREET FIGHTER ALPHA. Viewers will learn where some of their favorite Street Fighter characters come from as STREET FIGHTER ALPHA: GENERATIONS follows Ryu back home. In the process of paying his respects to his late master, Ryu faces nightmarish visions of the force that killed his mentor. Spending this time to work on his martial arts strength, Ryu prepares to prove himself in a match with Gouki, his ultimate enemy.

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