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Eulogy DVD

"I love this family," one character sarcastically says to his twin brother in Michael Clancy's wacky family comedy, EULOGY. The Collins patriarch (Rip Torn) has died, leaving behind a video will and an assorted bunch of nutcases, which makes straitlaced college student Kate Collins (Zooey Deschanel) think she was born into the wrong family. Her father (Hank Azaria) is a former child actor now making pornos. Her aunt Lucy (Kelly Preston) is finally going to marry her longtime companion, Judy (Famke Janssen), which titillates brother Skip, played by a mustached Ray Romano, the father of annoying twins (Curtis and Keith Garcia) who like the way their aunt Kate is developing. The obnoxious Alice Collins (Debra Winger) annoys everyone with her insistence on pushing everyone's button, resulting in an hysterical fight at the dinner table with Lucy. And Grandma Collins (Piper Laurie) hangs out in the background, hiding her own secrets and doing a bit of master manipulation herself. Meanwhile, Kate has been given the awesome task of delivering her grandfather's eulogy; as she talks to her family to find out more about him, she learns more than she ever wanted to know, digging up secrets and coming to understand her relatives in ways she never thought possible. Clancy's feature-length debut as a writer and director is a no-holds-barred comic extravaganza with a terrific cast that, through all the crazy escapades, makes a meaningful point about family and responsibility.

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