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Endangered Mermaids: The Manatees of Florida DVD

Columbus thought a school of manatees swimming by his ship were mermaids, an understandable mistake when considering these magnificent denizens of coastal Florida. Dining only on plants from the sea, these marine mammals have been known to reach five yards in length and weigh up to a ton and a half. The burgeoning human population of Florida rapidly encroaches on the manatee's habitats, not to mention the death toll from traffic accidents when passing speedboats strike the defenselessly slow-moving animals. Marine experts and caregivers for manatees offer candid interviews about the gradual disappearance of these noble oceanic beasts, and footage of a daring rescue of a pair of the creatures stuck in a poisonous spider-ridden storm drain features a happy ending, with the manatees treated at Sea World prior to their release. Superb undersea cinematography of the manatees cavorting with their families enhances this wondrous documentary about an unremittingly lovable sea creature.

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