Movie Mars

Three Night Stand DVD

Ambitious video-game designer Carl (Sam Huntington) attempts to put the spark back in his marriage by taking his wife Sue (Meaghan Rath) to a ski lodge for a weekend getaway, but ends up wrestling with temptation when an old relationship returns to haunt him. Carl has a gorgeous wife and a good job at a prominent video-game company. He's determined to land a promotion, but the first order of business is to save his failing marriage. A trip to the bed and breakfast where he used to vacation with his ex-girlfriend Robyn (Emmanuelle Chriqui) seems like just the thing to stir up some passion. Meanwhile, Sue has no idea that her husband has never gotten over his old flame, and when the pair arrive at the resort for some fun in the snow, Carl is shocked to see that stunning Robyn is the new manager. Will Carl be able to maintain his focus and sweep his wife off of her feet like he did when they first met, or will those sensual weekends with Robyn find him wandering astray at a crucial turning point in his marriage and career?

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