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James Stewart: Screen Legend Collection DVD Boxset Cover Art

James Stewart: Screen Legend Collection DVD Boxset

NEXT TIME WE LOVE: Frequent castmates James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan (THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER) pair up in this drama about a couple whose careers threaten their marriage.

YOU GOTTA STAY HAPPY: When a temperamental young heiress named Dee Dee Dillwood (Joan Fontaine) is forced to marry her sixth fiancé, she can't seem to get herself to spend the wedding night with him. She quickly flees and takes cover in the nearby hotel room of a commercial pilot, with financial woes, named Marvin Payne (Jimmy Stewart). It isn't long before she proceeds to charm him into taking her to California on his next flight. Once on board, she must vie for his attention amongst a chimpanzee, a freshly filled coffin, an errant embezzler, and two lip-locked honeymooners. By the end of the journey, the two have worked their way into each other's hearts. Jimmy Stewart is perfectly earnest and Joan Fontaine is perfectly insincere. The result is a classic screwball confection, served up shamelessly fast and light by director H.C.Potter.

THUNDER BAY: Violent conflicts break out as two rival oil men begin drilling off the Louisiana coast. To make matters worse, they must also weather a devastating hurricane.

THE GLENN MILLER STORY: James Stewart gives a warm performance as the legendary band leader who met an untimely end in a World War II airplane crash. Though much of Miller's story has been sentimentalized here, the great Big Band music is really what it's all about. Includes performances of "Little Brown Jug," "Moonlight Serenade," "Pennsylvania 6-5000," "In the Mood," and many more. Academy Award Nominations: 3, including Best Story and Screenplay; Best Scoring of a Musical Picture.

SHENANDOAH: A principled Virginia farmer tries to keep his family safe from the tumult of the Civil War by withdrawing into pacifism and isolation. Though strongly opposed to slavery, his reluctance to fight keeps him from joining forces with Union soldiers. But when his youngest son is kidnapped by the Union soldiers, the landsman is finally pulled into the bloody conflict.

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